The Village People

There is an African proverb that states, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  I believe when Hilary Rodham Clinton used it as the title for her book it was fact checked to death however and proven that the origin of this saying is somewhat questionable.  Which is perfect because I like this saying but I would change the ending.

A village is not needed to raise a child,

It is the village that is needed to heal the soul.

As I’ve said in other posts life must be fought and lived out on the front lines…and you have to go out there and do it alone.  That is where our hearts are broken, strength is tested, sacrifices are made, and pain is felt.

During a physiology class one day I studied what happens to the body when a bone breaks.  Initially it bleeds at the sight of the fracture.  The poor bone does its best to hold things together creating a hematoma at the sight of the break but it’s a flexible, gel like patch.  It won’t last for long or withstand a great deal of pressure.

Luckily help is on the way.

In response to the break a multitude of cells rush to the site of the trauma and begin working away, fusing it back together.  Some remove non-viable material (a.k.a the sticky mess the bone was trying to use as a makeshift solution to the break. *Facepalm* What was that femur thinking?) while others create a collagen matrix which covers the wound and protects it while still others bravely go underneath the surface to the sight of the real damage and lay down a bone matrix which will be the blueprints for the new one.  These guys also stick around and “remodel” that bone matrix into mature bone.   They are the ones that see this transformation through to the very end.  The process takes a long time but when finished the new product (a combination of the old and the new) is just as strong as the original.  There used to be the belief that a new bone, once broken and subsequently healed, was stronger than the one before.

The point of this long, drawn out metaphor is this:  the bone itself does not have magical healing powers.  Left to it’s own devices it would simply stay broken.  It is the body within which it lives that possesses the skills needed for it to become whole again.

So it goes with the village.

Once you have endured extreme emotional pain or loss it is not you who will do the rebuilding. That part cannot be done alone.

It is the people around you who will heal you.

Make you stronger than you were before.

It is your village which will bring you back to life.

Let me introduce you to mine…


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