Tick Tock

As the weeks went by I began to fall back into the routine of daily life.  I was eventually able to get up the stairs without a nosebleed or passing out. I moved back in to my apartment and out of my parents’ house.  I was back at work. Life was returning to normal.

Except it wasn’t.

While I didn’t feel as terrible as before when I had an Easter egg growing next to my brain I didn’t feel good either.  I was slowly starting to feel that same pressure behind my eye that I had felt before.  This was not as extreme as before but the feeling was the same.  There was no mistaking it.  And four weeks after my surgery there it was, a little blind spot in my periphery.  Not as encroaching as before but it was present.  When I would climb stairs or exert myself it would slightly expand and contract with my heart beat…like the gentle ticking of a clock. It wasn’t loud and painful like my previous two recurrences, but it was constantly there, reminding me that time was not on my side.

And that the normal life that I thought I had fought for and won back had never been mine.


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