Because Nobody Likes a Bad Hair Day

I was brought up to my room where my parents were waiting and we hugged and enjoyed another triumphant reunion.  I had gone off to the front lines to battle the skull crushing cavernous hemangioma and returned home victorious.   The village rejoiced.

To my surprise, Dr. M came up to talk to me that evening.  He was still in his scrubs and it was close to 9 o’clock.  (I mentioned earlier that he is perhaps one of the most hard working surgeons I have met.  I’m still not sure when he finds time to sleep).

“How are you feeling Miss Fahs?”

“Great” I lied. “Are you here to tell me I did so well that I’m getting discharged tonight?”

He gave what seemed like a nervous laugh,

“Not quite.  During your surgery we wanted to be as thorough as possible and while ressecting your tumor away from the dura we unfortunately created a tiny hole and thus a CSF leak.”

“oh.” I’ll give him this, while being somewhat robotic he gets points for being direct.

“I was able to patch it using tissue from inside your sinus cavity.”

“That’s why I still have my hair.”

“Yes. You expressed some interest in not cutting it when we spoke initially last month.  Harvesting a turbinate seemed like an acceptable alternative.”

“Oh well thanks…that was…creative.”  Seriously? He had taken the time to think about the fact that I might not like it if my hair was messed up after this surgery?

“So what now?”

“It will be even more important to monitor your progress over the night.  The risk of infection is now much higher for you and we want to make sure the graft takes and you do not continue to have a leak”


“Ok. I’ll see you in the morning Miss Fahs. Have a pleasant evening.”  He nodded to my parents and bid them good night as he casually left the room.

And that was it.  We talked about it as if it was a normal conversation around a dinner table.  How was your day? Oh it was ok, got a hole in the water balloon that bathes my brain in fluid but it’s no big deal.  Didn’t even have to shave a patch of my hair.  Could you pass the salt?   This place was crazy.


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