Aruba, Jamaica….

Kokomo (song)

Kokomo (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a few more hours, oops I mean minutes, of waiting an orderly showed up with a bed and I crawled into it.  I said good bye to Matt, gave my dad a kiss, and received a steady and reassuring “I love you, ” from my mother.  The orderly was a man with grey hair probably in his fifties who asked me about myself, told me a few blonde jokes (I don’t think he could see my blonde hair underneath my shower cap) and skillfully maneuvered my hospital bed down the hall, into the elevator, and then parked me in a corner on the surgical prep floor.  He bid me good luck and whistled as he walked out of the room. I can’t be sure but I think the tune was “kokomo” by the Beach Boys.


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