A Few Styling Tips for Surgery Since Cinna is Not Employed by Mayo

Needless to say I did not sleep well the night before my surgery.  That morning I got up and showered, put on my glasses, and braided my hair loosely to the side.  A few tips for those of you who may find yourself in the situation where you have to have surgery anytime soon.  Always shower the morning of the procedure.  Don’t skip it. Even if you are the first surgery of the day and have to get up at four to do it. If you stay overnight in the hospital there will not be a shower in your room and even if there was they would not let you be out of bed long enough to take one.  During one of my hospital stays a nurse offered a sponge bath which I politely declined. (I already have enough writing material for a decade).jennifer-lawrence-katniss-everdeen

Secondly, do not bother with contacts. They will make you take them out anyway so just put your glasses on, it’s easier.  You can keep them with you all the way up until they knock you out and for someone like me, who would not be able to distinguish Bill Cosby from Zach Morris if they were sitting across the table from me without my glasses, sight is a necessary indulgence.  I of course wanted to look my best for Drs. J and M but sometimes we have to compromise beauty for utility so I put on my spectacles that make me look like a librarian (not the sexy kind) and focused on my hair.

Finally the braid.  I have found that if you have long hair, how to arrange it can be somewhat of an issue.  I can’t stand it when my hair gets tangled (or usually in my case matted) from laying on a pillow.  Putting it in a ponytail or a bun will only ensure that you wake up from anesthesia with neck pain.   You will already be in enough from the surgery so don’t add to it by trying some type of convoluted hairdo. I learned this during my biopsy surgery.  I had worn a low bun swept to the side and secured at the nape of my neck.  After laying on it during surgery for over an hour I woke up and felt like I had whiplash. The loose side braid is my style of choice.  Easy to tuck into your shower cap which they make you wear along with the hospital gown and socks with no slip treads, it’s also comfortable and flattering for all hair lengths.  I think another reason I like it is because I had been reading The Hunger Games at the time and I was really identifying with the character of Katniss Everdeen. She was tough, gorgeous, intelligent, resourceful, and inspiring.

Photo Courtesy of toujoursbelle-88.blogspot.com

Now that I think about it the braid may have been the only thing we had in common.


2 thoughts on “A Few Styling Tips for Surgery Since Cinna is Not Employed by Mayo

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  2. Don’t be ridiculous, you have all of those things in common with Katniss. Plus, I imagine that if you decided to take up archery, you’d be awesome at it.

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