Let’s Wrap This Segment Up Shall We?

Burrito and Coke

Burrito and Coke (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After my spa treatment was over, instead of buying me a drink those two boys began to drape my body with blue sheets.  They were kind of the same material as the scrubs they were wearing but the bottom side of the drape had adhesive.  They put my arms at my sides and proceeded to wrap me in a cocoon.  The only part of me that was exposed was a small patch of the inside of my leg where the incision was to be made.  Mr. Total Gym looked up at me from south of the equator and said, “ok now don’t move your arms or legs once we begin, if you have an itch just let Barbara know and she will do it for you.”  I opened my mouth to make a sassy comment about the improbability of me moving my arms or legs because I was now a human burrito but I couldn’t get the snarky phrase past my lips because I had just figured out that I was going to be awake for this procedure.  I just sat there wrapped up in my cocoon with my mouth open.  I moved the only part of my body that I could and rolled my head to the left to glare at Barbara, a nurse anesthetist probably in her forties with kind brown eyes that looked back at me through coke bottle glasses with understanding.  “Shall I push the versed?” I nodded my mouth still open.


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