Not in Kansas…

The Yellow Brick Road's spiral origins in the ...

The Yellow Brick Road’s spiral origins in the 1939 film (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I exhaled for the first time in four days and my shoulders slumped forward.  The yellow brick road unfolded beneath me.  I just needed to follow it straight back to normal life.  I would simply have surgery to remove my skull base tumor and my life, which had come to a screeching halt a week and a half ago, could resume as planned.  This was just a blip of bad luck and after it was over I could forget it.  Like it never happened.  I had been living life in crazy Technicolor for the past week and I was ready to go back to black and white.  I turned to Dr. O and asked him when we could “Cut. It. Out.” Miming the motions like Dave Coulier used to do as Uncle Joey on Full House.  But Dr. O didn’t laugh at my awkward, outdated joke from the early nineties and I could see in his eyes that it was not going to be as simple as I had thought to get out Oz.


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