I’ve Always Wondered…Why Purple Sweatpants?

Abomination (comics)

Abomination (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Well Miss Fahs, as this tumor grows it puts pressure on the bones in your skull…it has already eroded the lamina papyracea which is the bone behind your eye.  You don’t really need it but if you were to receive a blunt force trauma to your face the consequences could be dire.   (There goes my cage fighting career.) It’s also worn away the bones at the base of your skull, specifically your cribriform plate, and is pressed up against your brain, increasing your intracranial pressure, which could kill you. (oh…..)  The fact that it is highly vascular also creates a risk that when it is removed the bleeding could be extensive and you could bleed out on the table.  I am not equipped with the skills to handle this type of situation.  I have already called in a referral for you at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  You have a consult next week.”

Bleed out on the table? I thought they just said stuff like that on shows like ER and Chicago Hope.  (yep, I used Chicago Hope here. Don’t worry Meg, I use some Grey’s Anatomy references later.) So much for a quick and easy fix.

This tumor was not benign, it was Bruce Banner on a rampage doing the “hulk smash!” to my skull.


One thought on “I’ve Always Wondered…Why Purple Sweatpants?

  1. Hulk wears purple pants because, back in the early days of comic books, for technical reasons, it was more convenient to combine purple (rather than, for example, blue) with green.

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