Easter Egg

Easter eggs

Easter eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“You see Miss Fahs, this isn’t supposed to be here,”
I peered over my doctor’s shoulder to have a look for myself at the CT scan on the computer screen. He was pointing to what looked like an Easter egg shaped blob which was situated in my sinus cavity. I nodded my head at him waiting for him to tell me that it was something easy to fix. To my frustration all he did was look at me.
“So what is it?” I asked after a few seconds of silence. Up until now, I had thought he would tell me I had a sinus infection. My head had felt stopped up for weeks and my right eye hurt whenever it moved. My GP had been giving me antibiotics and prednisone for the past month until he threw up his hands and referred me to an ENT specialist. I just figured this guy would have stronger meds and we could be done with it already.
“Well we won’t know until we go in there, take it out and biopsy it. I operate on Mondays so we can take care of it then.” I nodded again and swallowed very hard. The word biopsy meant tumor, and the word tumor could mean cancer. I went into business mode asking which hospital we would use, would it be outpatient, what was recovery time like, etc. etc. if I kept moving, focusing on the next step I would not have to think about how bad this could potentially be. I was 28, healthy, just started a new job that actually let me use my degree, had a fantastic boyfriend, had just saved up enough money for a down payment on a house, and I had plans for competing in a half-iron distance triathlon that summer. I did not have time for this to be something serious. My life was on a roll.


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